The Program Systems Institute of RAS is a leading Russian research institution in the realm of information technologies.

The Institute was founded in 1984 as a branch of the Institute for Cybernetics Problems of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR by a decree issued by the government of the USSR. The foundation aimed at developing of computer science in the country. In 1986 the Institute was reorganized and named the Program Systems Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Today’s PSI RAS has a number of acknowledged achievements in the fields of artificial intelligence, high-end computer systems (supercomputers), regional telecommunication networks building, and distributed information systems.


The Program Systems Institute initiated the establishment of a unique scientific and educational complex in Russia including

  • Ailamazyan University of Pereslavl — the first Russian non-government university created in a small town;
  • Ailamazyan International Children’s Computer Center;
  • kindergarten, primary school “Pochemouchka”.

The Founder of the Institute is Prof. Alfred K. Ailamazyan (8.08.1936 - 25.05.2003).

Director of the Institute is Doctor Sc. in mathematics Sergey Abramov (


The Program Systems Institute of RAS - overview

Research Center for Multiprocessor Systems (RCMS)

Medical Informatics Research Center (INTERIN)

Artificial Intelligence Research Centre (AIReC)

Control Processes Research Center (CPRC)

System Analysis Research Center (SARC)

Scientific and Educational Complex


Address: Program Systems Institute of RAS
Pereslavl-Zalessky Yaroslavl Region Russia, 152020
Telephone./Fax: +7 (48535) 98-064  E-mail:    Web:

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